Desolation’s Wake descends upon Hunt: Showdown

Featuring new Hunters, Weapons, ammunition, exciting rewards, and gameplay-changing Traits for each new Pact.

Today, March 6th, Hunt: Showdown launches Desolation’s Wake, which will run until May 8th, 2024. The game’s latest Event brings new weapons, special rewards and boosts that can be unlocked with Pledge Marks, a Sealed Cache with numerous Pledge Sealed rewards, three Pacts with game-changing Traits, and four new Hunters with collectable Skins.

As Desolation settles, Hunters take advantage of a short-lived reprieve. The Statesman arrives with a new arsenal of weapons to embolden Hardin and The Lawful Pact. The Centipede joins the ranks of The Primal Pact to champion nature above all else. To better learn of the Corruption, Bile and Brood join the fight to continue their ghoulish experiments.

To gain exclusive new Traits, players can pledge their Hunters to The Death Pact led by Sofia, The Lawful Pact led by Sheriff Hardin, or The Primal Pact led by Felis. Pledge Marks will unlock the Pledge Seals, but won’t be necessary to unlock Pact Traits. The Peacekeeper Trait will unlock the ability to revive teammates at the cost of burning your Health Chunks, while the Berserker Trait will double the damage of all melee attacks. In addition, many other changes, tweaks, and boosts are being introduced, such as inspect animations for Consumables and Tools and increased splash damage to AI. Other major additions are collectable Skin sets for The Statesman, The Centipede, and the Corvid Hunters, Bile and Brood, as well as new Weapons with a variety of ammunition, like the Mako 1895 Carbine and the Caldwell Marathon.

“We’re excited to see players dive into Desolations Wake and come up with new ways to play with new Traits and Pacts,” said Scott Lussier, Design Director for Hunt: Showdown. “With Permanent Burn Traits such as Rampage and Remedy triggering Restoration, we’re eager to see players change their tactics and fight it out with two new rifles.”

Players can earn Event Points by completing in-game Challenges, interacting with Spine Altars, and more.
Hunt: Showdown is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Find out more about Desolation’s Wake by visiting

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