Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Is Out Now on Oculus Rift

Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Is Out Now on Oculus Rift

Thursday, February 9, 2017 — Crytek’s sci-fi VR adventure, Robinson: The Journey, is available on Oculus Rift today. Players can download the game from the Oculus Home store, for $39.99/€39.99, and from Steam.

Robinson: The Journey once again showcases the power of Crytek’s CRYENGINE for VR development, and follows on the heels of free solo rock climbing game The Climb to become the second game Crytek has released on the Rift.

In Robinson: The Journey players step into the shoes of Robin – a boy left stranded on an extrasolar planet. The game features a vibrant world designed to be explored freely and that makes players feel truly present in unfamiliar territory. Gamers will encounter an array of dinosaurs and creatures that react to their presence, and an emphasis on interaction with their surroundings encourages players to examine each area of the game in detail.

As of last week, fans of Robinson: The Journey can listen to its emotive soundtrack by BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd on his Bandcamp page. The original score embodies the game’s sense of discovery and mystery, combining analog and acoustic instruments as elements of the forest and creatures inhabiting Robinson’s world.

To watch the latest trailer for Robinson: The Journey and read up on the development process behind the game, visit the official website at


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